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Stacie Mistysyn
Caitlin Ryan. Sigh. I had such a crush on her
when I was her age.
And re-watching all the
Degrassi I have lately put me in the mind
to see if Stacie Mistysyn, the actor behind
the role, would have time to sit and talk
with Sue and I.
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In 1987, Snake, Joey Jeremiah, and the
rest of the gang took their first steps down
the fictional halls of Degrassi Junior High.
Twenty-five years later, the cast and creators
of the iconic Toronto show reflect on the
super-low-budget sets, the behind-the-scenes
parties and crushes, and what it was like
to go through puberty—on air and off—in front
of the whole bloody world.
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An Article By: Anthony Carew
Cultural and pop-cultural humans are always trying
to come up with pithy stickers with which to tag an
entire generation, but, so far, no commentator-cum
philosopher has used the term 'the Degrassi
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MAURA EDMOND gets the low down on generation
defining television and adolescent anxiety from
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With Series 1 of Degrassi Junior High coming
out on DVD, Daniel Selikowitz spoke to Stacie
Mistysynaka Caitlin Ryan – about nostalgia,
strict parents and growing up on the show
that brings new meaning  to old school.
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(Alliance Atlantis, 2005) D: Graeme Campbell,
w/ Kevin Smith, Stacie Mistysyn. Rating: NNN
Cult movie director Kevin Smith (Clerks), a
long-time Degrassi fan, shows up as himself,
a film director shooting Jay
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When William March wrote his novel "The
Bad Seed" in 1954, the question he asked
in his novel was "Can sociopathic
tendencies be inherited?" It's a thoughtful,
provocative question that analyzes the
effects of environment versus genetics
and is still relevant today.
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The Scene. According to IMDB.com,
Michelle Muntean - now famous as
the Prime Minister's image adviser
once worked on the CBC program
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Stacie "Caitlin" Mistysyn from Degrassi
(old school and new school) tells The
Mary and The-Seth about her sucky job
where she has to make out with Steve
Belford all the time and be the object
of Kevin Smith's obsessions
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Spike and Caitlin from the TV series
Degrassi Junior High are now guest
deejays at a monthly '80s dance night
called In Between Days.
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Amanda Stepto – Spike from Degrassi
and Stacie Mistysyn Caitlin from
Degrassi enjoy a little pampering
at the Opening of The Muzik's
Beauty Bar
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Caitlin is back on 'Degrassi'Updated Mon.
Feb. 25 2008 3:11 PM ET CTV.ca Caitlin
Ryan is back on "Degrassi: The Next
Generation," and she's up to no good.
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Next Event: March 17th, 2013
Welcome to the home of Southern
Ontario’s Leading 80′s Toy, Action Figure,
Horror, Sci-Fi, Comic and Collectibles
Convention Series!
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Why Canadian television is superior to
Canadian movies: Salem.
Canadian film is passionate, distinctive,
challenging, brave, thoughtful, thrilling,
hilarious, inspirational, eloquent and,
yes, entertaining.
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