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How did you get the part of 'Lisa Canard' on The Kids of Degrassi Street?

When I was about nine or ten, I was taking enrichment classes on the weekends.
As I was leaving from a dance class one day, I overheard a bunch of kids talking
about a stack of flyers on a nearby table. They were asking each other if they were
going to try out. Normally, I'm a quite shy and I had already exited the school, but
my curiousity got the better of me. I turned around and went over to the flyers and
took one. It read something like "Kids Wanted – come audition… " I took it home
and showed it to my parents who, luckily, allowed me to audition.

After my initial audition, I was notified that I was one of five finalists for the part I'd
read for (Lisa Canard). All the finalists for each part were then asked to attend a
series of workshops where the producers did acting activities with us and
gradually figured out who they wanted for each part. I was ecstatic when I got the
call that I had been chosen for Lisa!!!

How did you get the part on Degrassi Junior Hight and Degrassi High?

When Linda Schuyler (producer) was brainstorming D.J.H, she approached
those of us from Kids of Degrassi St. and asked us if we preferred to stay on
as our 'Kids' characters or if we'd like to try out as new characters.
Either way, we weren't guaranteed a part.

All of us, as I recall, except John Loannu (who played Alex) opted to have
new characters. Then we had to audition with the all the new 'hopefuls'.

I originally auditioned for the Annie character (rebellious, punky type who
only lasted one season I think).

The writer Yan Moore came up with a new character for me – originally
named Amanda. They Kathryn Ellis (the publicist at the time) came up
with the name Caitlin (after someone in her family).

Again, we all had to go through a series of acting workshops before
knowing our fates. A lot of good people didn't make it.

How did you get the part on School's Out?

This time we didn't have audition! This was the grand finale of the show.

Pat and I were actually given a lot of input into the script.

I recall us having a lunch meeting with Yan Moore (the brilliant writer) and
discussing the plot points with him.

How did you get the part on being on the new show?

I got a call asking if I'd be interested in appearing on a
reunion – type show – as  part of their new series.

It was exciting and daunting at the same time.

Daunting because, if not done well, we could lose credibility after the show had
ended on such a strong note.

Exciting, because it gave me a chance to re-visit my old friend 'Caitlin' and see
where she was at this point in her life; she'd obviously grown and changed over
the years so it was something new, yet comfortable at the same time.

On Moving to Los Angeles.

I actually wish I had taken a director's advice early in my career and gone to LA.
Unfortunately, it wasn't until a few years after Degrassi had ended and I had been
 accepted to University, then backed out two separate times due to work or fear of
commitment, that I finally headed West.

Really, I just felt I needed to get away from being typecast in Canada and
family issues.

I had previously been terrified to go but my Canadian agent, had just
moved to LAto become a manager and that made things a lot easier
for me.

I knew a few people out there but had basically no money – so I
started the way most immigrants do. I stayed with friends for the
few weeks before renting a tiny, dirty place with another friend
(Bill Parrot who played Shane On Degrassi) and got a job waitressing.

I booked a guest spot on Weird Science in the first couple of weeks which allowed
me to by a REALLY used car. My friend Joe Paradiso had started teaching me how
 to drive before I left and my friends Marc Daniel and Drew Coombs gave me a few
lessons while there so I could get my license!

What are you doing today?

I'm currently the lead in a play called The Bad Seed at the Pierson Playhouse
in LA.

It's a challenging role because my character is torn between love for
her daughter and knowing that her daughter is murderer.

I'm also pursuing a psychology degree.





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